16 April 2013

New Stuff from FFG- Starfield Game Tile Kit

Wow, so this just happened!

As the name implies, it's a tile-based play area. You can get the official lowdown here

Long story short, it's a box of 12 1' x 1' tiles you can use to create some pretty nice looking backgrounds to your X-Wing Miniatures matches. 

Without knowing the price, it's hard to say if they're worth it, but I definitely like the idea of it. I gotta say, that's kind of the one thing I don't really like about my mat- being 3' x 3' it's kinda big, and storing it so that it doesn't get creased while not being accessible to my kiddos is a bit of a challenge. Seems like this tile kit would mitigate those issues. 

Assuming it's not a ton of dough, I like the idea. What are y'all's thoughts?  


  1. I'll wait until I see the actual product, but initial thoughts are "meh". I don't think these tiles will stay on the table very well, and I'm imagining they won't keep the ships or movement templates from sliding around either.

  2. I was just composing something similar to what Chris said when I saw his post pop up. I think they look cool, but I too am worried about how well they will stay in place. My table is pretty slick, which won't help. I suppose if you put them on a felt mat (or something similar), it might mitigate the sliding somewhat.

    I also wish they had a grid to facilitate our gaming sessions over the webcam.

    I'll probably read some reviews and see what people experience as far as the tiles staying in place. Regardless, it's nice to see FFG putting out some accessories for the game.

  3. Looks cool, but seems a bit lame.

    I'm curious of the price, that may sway me.

  4. The Products Page at Fantasy Flight has them listed for $39.99 MSRP


  5. IMO, they're too expensive for what they look to be, even at the expected "street" of ~$30.

    I could be surprised, though, at the quality, and if so, assuming the tiles are *interlocking*, I might pick up a set. Not interlocking, no way. The game already has an issue with ships getting knocked about; the last thing I want is the entire universe cracking open.

  6. Holy mackerel, $40? Same cost as a Core Set? Yikes.

    Agree with y'all on the slickness too. I actually meant to mention that in the article, but work internet was being a pain as it was lunch time. If they're slick, that's a bad thing, obviously. Would be nice if they had just a bit of texture to them to keep ships from sliding around on them.

    1. How are you from Indiana and saying "y'all"? It just doesn't fit...

    2. Are you serious? I live in Southern Indiana- it's all tractors and corn around here man, aside from the Toyota plant.

      Also, I spent a rather significant amount of time during my formative years in Texas, mainly around the Dallas area.

      I also really like the Beastie Boys, and have been known to bust out with a, "Yes, yes y'all- and you don't stop" when contextually applicable.

  7. I would hope they would be the same textured cardboard as the tokens included in the game. If that's the case they shouldn't slide around too much, but boards get bumped.

    $40 seems steep to me, but not having any kind of "map" yet I may still give them my money, especially if they come with some kind of scenario or cards or something extra.

  8. Jeff, I LOL'd at "the entire universe cracking open"! Good one!

    I agree, Matt, it'd be awesome if they included some extras with the tiles. I think a lot more people would buy them if they came with some scenarios and a few unique upgrades or elite pilot skills.

  9. Our mats are much awesomer than these things, and they cost half as much. By the way, I just keep mine rolled up in that shipping tube that you sent it to me in, and it works perfectly for storing it.

    Also, it might get confusing putting the asteroids over top of the matsteroids.

  10. Word. I should've bought a couple more of those tubes while I was at Kinko's*FedEx.

  11. I have a ton of movie poster tubes if you want a couple. I don't know if they are 3' though.

  12. finding them really bland, and share the concerns about tile movement. And a 1 foot square box is probably just as awkward to carry around as a rolled up map

  13. Cheers for the offer, Matt. I just need to quit being such a tight-ass and spring for a tube from FedEx.

    Actually, I need to stop by there on some official TMB business anyway.

    Whatever could that mean? DUH-DUH-DUHNNNNNN!

    Stay tuned for more information!!!!

  14. they updated the images on the sight, and now seem full of stars.

  15. It seems OK, but for the price of $40?!?! It's especially absurd when there is a product out there for $20 right now that seems just as good.

    Ugh...I've hit that wall that I need a better storage option and would like a mat or something and I just don't have the cash to advance in either direction.