16 April 2013

New Stuff from FFG- Starfield Game Tile Kit

Wow, so this just happened!

As the name implies, it's a tile-based play area. You can get the official lowdown here

Long story short, it's a box of 12 1' x 1' tiles you can use to create some pretty nice looking backgrounds to your X-Wing Miniatures matches. 

Without knowing the price, it's hard to say if they're worth it, but I definitely like the idea of it. I gotta say, that's kind of the one thing I don't really like about my mat- being 3' x 3' it's kinda big, and storing it so that it doesn't get creased while not being accessible to my kiddos is a bit of a challenge. Seems like this tile kit would mitigate those issues. 

Assuming it's not a ton of dough, I like the idea. What are y'all's thoughts?