30 April 2013

Community Service- Esoteric Order of Gamers' X-Wing Rules Summary and Reference Sheet

Community Service is a new series of articles here on TheMetalBikini.com where I spotlight something different, cool, or fun made by someone in the X-Wing Miniatures community that I think you guys might dig. 

Esoteric Order of Gamers' 

X-Wing Rules Summary and Reference Sheet

BC sent me a heads-up on this via email late last week. I finally got a chance to check it out over the weekend, and I'm really impressed. 

The long and the short of it is it's a summary of most of the rule book rules (as well as cards like Boost, Ion Weapons, and Bombs) in a handy, well-produced printout you can easily review or even bust out during a match to help with resolving rules questions. 

Check it out here- Esoteric Order of Gamers' X-Wing Rules Summary and Reference v1

Note that I said it's a summary of the rule book, and by rule book I don't mean Tournament Rules. I've talked before about the differences between the rule book and Tournament Rules, so just be aware there are some discrepancies here if you were planning on packing this guy along to your Regionals or other tournament. 

Don't let that stop you from at least taking a peek at this super handy resource though. I really can't say enough nice things about it- it'd be great to have out on tables when new players are involved or to give away to interested players at demo matches and stuff too. It's just so well done. 

If you have a browse around the rest of The Esoteric Order of Gamers website, which I wholeheartedly recommend you do by the way, you'll find they have similar resources like this available for a ton of other games as well- board games, miniatures games, you name it. If you really dig it, kick those dudes a buck or two. I think it's well worth it as they seem like a good bunch of folks. 

They've also got a sweet Kickstarter summary section saving busy folks like you and I the time and trouble of finding cool projects to fund. 

Nice find, BC! Thanks!

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