02 March 2013

Tournament Rules and FAQ Updated!

With the release of the new Wave 2 ships, it was only a matter of time before FFG would update the Tournament Rules. What I wasn't expecting was a FAQ update so quickly too!

February 2013 FAQ here.

New Tournament Rules here.  

No massive rule changes or anything. Probably the most significant thing to a lot of players is the acceptance of 3rd party range rulers now being allowed in Organized play. Other than that, 

  • Addition of the Wave 2 ships for what's allowed in tournaments
  • Clarification on Biggs' tanking ability
  • Overlapping a ship that causes you to overlap an obstacle
  • Assorted whatnots that I think were how everyone was playing it anyway. 
Still, it wouldn't kill you to at least take a peek at it. 

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