15 March 2013

10,000 Pageviews on TheMetalBikini.com

Around 10:17am (CST) on 14 March 2013, the site had it's 10,000th pageview. Considering I've only been doing this about 6 weeks, have no advertising/ marketing/ SEO budget, and not a lot of free time to work on this thing, that's pretty darn amazing and I just wanted to take a second to thank y'all. 

This site was started because an old friend of mine suggested I share the info I'd compiled on listbuilding in this big GoogleDoc I'd written for him and a couple of other folks who I was actively trying to recruit into playing X-Wing Miniatures with me as a blog. I was a hesitant at first, but as he kept on prodding me, I finally gave up resisting and thought, "Oh, what the hell. Why not?" It'd been several years since I'd had a site or worked on a writing-type project, and a previous idea for a website had fallen through a couple of years back that I'd really put a lot of thought and time into, so I thought maybe if I applied some of the same ideas to this site the result would be solid, fun, and informative. 

Looks like I was at least partially right, huh? :)

So thank my boy Ben in the comments today, as this was all his idea, really. Also thank my boy Sean as he and Ben have been my main sounding boards for not only the article ideas on this site, but also the overall tone, look, and feel for it. They've been great to bounce ideas and stuff off of the past couple of months and I hope will continue to allow me to do so for a long time to come. 

And last but not least, thanks again all of y'all readers. I don't want to get all personal on here, but my actual job kinda sucks and is pretty unfulfilling  but being able to pop on here via my phone a couple times a day and see all these pageviews from all over the world and people saying cool things about the site on their own sites and blogs, various X-Wing and miniatures forums, the comments on here, and the totally surprising and supportive emails I've received...  well, it's nice to be appreciated. I'll just leave it at that.