15 March 2013

10,000 Pageviews on TheMetalBikini.com

Around 10:17am (CST) on 14 March 2013, the site had it's 10,000th pageview. Considering I've only been doing this about 6 weeks, have no advertising/ marketing/ SEO budget, and not a lot of free time to work on this thing, that's pretty darn amazing and I just wanted to take a second to thank y'all. 

This site was started because an old friend of mine suggested I share the info I'd compiled on listbuilding in this big GoogleDoc I'd written for him and a couple of other folks who I was actively trying to recruit into playing X-Wing Miniatures with me as a blog. I was a hesitant at first, but as he kept on prodding me, I finally gave up resisting and thought, "Oh, what the hell. Why not?" It'd been several years since I'd had a site or worked on a writing-type project, and a previous idea for a website had fallen through a couple of years back that I'd really put a lot of thought and time into, so I thought maybe if I applied some of the same ideas to this site the result would be solid, fun, and informative. 

Looks like I was at least partially right, huh? :)

So thank my boy Ben in the comments today, as this was all his idea, really. Also thank my boy Sean as he and Ben have been my main sounding boards for not only the article ideas on this site, but also the overall tone, look, and feel for it. They've been great to bounce ideas and stuff off of the past couple of months and I hope will continue to allow me to do so for a long time to come. 

And last but not least, thanks again all of y'all readers. I don't want to get all personal on here, but my actual job kinda sucks and is pretty unfulfilling  but being able to pop on here via my phone a couple times a day and see all these pageviews from all over the world and people saying cool things about the site on their own sites and blogs, various X-Wing and miniatures forums, the comments on here, and the totally surprising and supportive emails I've received...  well, it's nice to be appreciated. I'll just leave it at that. 




  1. Thanks Ben and Sean for helping your Dad! My job is crummy, too, and I escape it to read X-wing stuff, as well. There isn't a lot, so it's great to have a blog to go to.

  2. Lols, thanks pal! Glad you're getting enjoyment out of it!

  3. Clarifying point- Sean and Ben aren't my kids. I'm old, but I ain't that old. :)

    I mean like, they my boys; they my honkies, ya know? My crackas. My brothers from other mothers. Partners in crime. Compatriots. Comrades. Allies. Pals. Teammates. Co-conspirators. Wingmen. Friends.

    Feel me?

  4. Congrats! This site has been such a great resource for me. Props to you for having a sense of humor too. A lot of the stuff out there is too dry or too serious or... has too much math. :)

  5. Thank! Love the site! Helped me with a win last night!

  6. Thanks Chris! Happy you dig the comedy too. There have been a couple of articles where it's gone overboard to the point of distraction (uh, M&M pt 3 for sure, lols), but when kept in check, I think it adds to the effectiveness of the article. I used to use a lot of humor to good effect when I was an instructor too. People dig laughin'. Crazy, innit?

    Ryan- that's maybe the best compliment I could possibly receive running a site like this. Here's hoping I can continue to help you earn W's, man!

  7. Doh! I get it now. Sorry, I am that old. My 7 yr old can play a little X-wing, but we haven't gotten into the advanced game (no actions so far). He's a smart kid, though. We are just finishing watching the Return of the Jedi, so maybe it will hold his attention more.

  8. Lols, no problem! The wife and I had our kids pretty late, so it's a very understandable misunderstanding. I just turned 39 with an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old.

  9. Cheers for the shout out man! All I did was give you a little push, and you took off. I'm not just saying this because I'm your friend; this site is brilliant. Keep up the great work!

  10. Yeah, it was a killer 100 point game. I had lost the prior week to a Falcon, Y-Wing, X-Wing, and A-Wing.

    I had a Slave (totally pimped out), Night Beast, and 2 base Ties. It was my first time with the slave, so I went all out with it.

    The loss came by my opponent's last A-wing with only 1 hull left. Night Beast also only had 1 hull left. My opponents last roll took exactly 1 damage off... giving him the victory.

    My victory was luckily much better. After revamping my squad, I rolled through with 2 ships remaining, after starting with 3. I ran with Soontir Fel, Krassis Trelix and Howlrunner. Elusiveness and stealth on Soontir made her near impossible to destroy!

  11. Damn, man. 2 out of 3 ships left in a 3 ship list? You must have been doing something right, amigo! Well played!