21 February 2013

Wave 2 Previews from FFG- A-Wing

Earlier today, and kind of lost in the shuffle by everyone (and by everyone, I of course mean me) reading to the end and going, "OHMAHGERD! WAVE 2 COMES OUT ON FEBRUARY 28!", was a little preview on the last remaining Wave 2 ship, the A-Wing starfighter

I was lucky and won one of these little guys at the Kessel Run Tournament my local club hosted back in December. It's a fun ship. I'm not going to get super deep on it here in this post- I'll soon be posting listbuilding articles for Wave 2 stuff just like I did for the Wave 1 stuff, so rest assured, it'll be covered in detail then. 

I'll say this though for those of y'all who don't already know everything there is to know about the A-Wing. Remember that part in Jedi when the A-Wing pilot that sorta looks like Denis Leary loses it and crashes through the bridge of the Executor?

There ain't no Arvel Crynyd disease, I'll tell ya that much.<Wheezing noises>

That dude's got an A-Wing Pilot card. And yeah, his ability has to do with crashing into stuff. 

I mean honestly, whoever is responsible for that masterstroke of genius at FFG deserves a promotion. I swear to God, man. If I'm that guy's boss, I just walk into his office and say, "Hey. You've got it, pal. And by "it", I mean it. What do we do next?" 

When I got home and started going through my cards and read that, I was all, "No effin' way. No way!" I mean how cool is that? 

Roll on the 28th, y'all. 

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