23 February 2013

Wave 2 Articles Starting Monday, 25 Feb 13

With the Wave 2 Release announcement from FFG earlier in the week, I pushed up the schedule on my Wave 2 Listbuilding Articles from where I'd kind of originally penciled it in (uhhh.... later?).

Similar in style, content, and length to my Wave 1 Listbuilding articles, I'll be covering all of the Wave 2 Elite Pilot Skills, Modifications, Secondary Weapon Systems, Pilots, Crew Members, and everything else in the coming weeks!  

Like with Wave 1, with some of the shorter articles, I'll post multiples in the same day, but I guarantee you'll get at least one Wave 2 listbuilding article per day until we're through them. 

Articles will start showing up on Monday, 25 Feb 13 early in the A.M as always. 

See you then!

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