28 February 2013

New toys!!!

Wheeee! One of my FLGS started selling Wave 2 stuff today!

(Holding off on the Falcon & Slave I as my birthday is Sunday- yes I'm going to be 39 & I'm still getting Star Wars toys for my birthday.)


  1. I sold some Warhammer stuff and was just able to get Slave 1 last night! He didn't do so well vs. a bunch of A-wings, though...

  2. Looking good, can't wait to buy a few myself!

  3. @ heychadwick
    What??? Wait- did you have a Black Squadron TIE inside the cargo bay of Slave I or something? I keep waiting for you to comment you've figured out some way to stick Deadeye on a Black. :)

    @ Tervlon
    Believe that! These new ships are fun!