06 February 2013

Named Pilots- Mauler Mithel

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Card: Mauler Mithel (TIE Fighter) 17 Pts.
Card Text: When attacking at Range 1, roll 1 additional Attack die
Ability is an Action?: No.
Excels at: Close proximity attacks
Quick Take: Mithel is perhaps the easiest to use named pilot in the game as far as making his special ability work. Most new players just fly in straight lines directly towards the opponent anyway, and Mithel supports that “tactic” quite nicely. 

Elite Skills/ Upgrades: Mithel’s main problem is getting shot back at close proximity, but Determination and Expert Handling are about the only upgrades that directly help him in surviving, and they’re both kinda fair to middlin’ at providing that. 

I think the best use for Mithel is right in the middle of that TIE Swarm pile so he can benefit from Howlrunner's special ability and really capitalize on throwing all those Attack dice. With that in mind, consider forgoing either of those upgrade options and throw on Swarm Tactics with the idea of buffing up some lower level pilot around him to his still formidable Pilot Rank of 7 (or acting as a relay for Howlrunner's PR 8 if you have Howlrunner equipped with Swarm Tactics as well) with the hopes of blowing whatever might shoot back out of the firmament before they have a chance to fire. Best defense is a good offense, and all that.

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