13 February 2013

Droids- R5-D8

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Card: R5-D8 (3)
Card Text: Roll one Defense die- on a <evade> or <focus> result, discard one of your face down damage cards
Usage in game: Hull damage mitigation.
Action?: Yes

Quick Take: First let's look at what all is going on with R5-D8- he requires an Action and doesn't have an automatic success rate, but the ability to remove a face down damage card is pretty huge, so is R5-D8 worth it or not?

So what's the success rate on R5-D8? Since rolling an eyeball or an Evade is what we're looking for, the only thing that screws us here is a blank. If you examine a Defense die, you'll see of its 8 sides, three are blanks, so there's a not insignificant 37.5% chance even after spending the 3 points necessary to buy R5-D8 and spending one of your valuable Actions, you still have nothing to show for it.

So with all that in mind, do we like him or not?

I like him, and the other R5's on Y-Wings in a general, blanket statement kind of way. Since X-Wings have only 3 hull, you might not live long enough to have a chance to use R5-D8 effectively. A Y-Wing though has 5 hull, so even if you blow an attempt at R5-D8's Action or two, you still just might be alive to get attempt three or four to work, and although it might not seem like much, there's a world of difference in how many TIEs statistically are required to take down a Y-Wing with 3 hull points left or 4 hull points. 

To put it another way, Y-Wings are much more likely to be involved actively in the game in some sort of (hull) damaged state for a longer period of game time than an X-Wing will be. That said, I could see him work on Luke as well because of Luke's increased longevity due to his Focus-lite defensive ability. As both R2-F2 and R5-D8 are dotted (unique and can only be taken once in a ship list), I could see making a case for sticking R2-F2 on someone like Biggs or Wedge and saving R5-D8 for Luke.

Again, like R2-F2, you can somewhat mitigate the spending of your Action on the droid ability by flying alongside someone who offers the Focus and Target Lock tokens normally available to an X-Wing or Y-Wing: Garven Dreis and/ or Dutch Vander.

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