27 January 2013

Name Change

So dig this- the domain I was going to use for this blog was purchased literally a day before I got paid last week. I kid you not. I was even double-checking myself based on the images I'd tagged with the unpurchased domain name, but soon found that yes indeed, somebody else had registered the domain I was hoping to use. 

So if you're confused, don't be. It's not you, it's me. 

Here's the upside- TheMetalBikini.com, a nod of course to Leia's slave girl outfit, is going to provide the same awesome information and commentary as before. It's just going to be a little looser and hopefully, funnier than it would have been. Having had a full weekend to weigh my options regarding domain names, I've decided to take this thing in a little less clinical (and to be honest, less professional) direction and have a little fun with it along the way.

So if you see some references here and there to some other site besides TheMetalBikini.com, well, my bad y'all. I hope to have them all cleaned up pretty soon, but I have to leave a few lying about as a few folks have already favorited/ bookmarked this joint. Fair warning though, I'm only going to let this old original blogger.com address thing go on until the end of the week then I'm switching it to something more in line with the new domain name. 

Hopefully y'all still dig it. 



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