30 January 2013

Elite Pilot Skills- Expert Handling

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Expert Handling (2)
Card Text:
Action: Perform a free barrel roll Action. If you do not have the barrel roll Action icon, receive 1 Stress Token. You may then remove 1 enemy Target Lock from your ship.
Usage in game: Primarily to give an X-Wing the Barrel Roll ability or to give an Imperial fighter the ability to shed pesky Target Locks.
Action?: Yes. Using Expert Handling requires the use of an action.

A Rebel ship suddenly able to Barrel Roll has the potential to disrupt a lot of Imperial player’s plans because it’s just so unexpected and goes against how they’ve learned to play the game. It does require an action, but so does regular Barrel Roll, so you’re really not giving anything up there.

On the Imperial side, I’d be unlikely to pay for something I already get in the cost of the ship, but that’s me- your mileage may vary. Shedding TLs is nice, but I don’t know that it’s worth 2 points. Perhaps on ships like Vader who has two actions or Howlrunner and her nice Area-of-Effect buff as they're also juicy targets for TLs. Or if you want to make Dark Curse just damn near unhittable...

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