31 January 2013

Core Sets- SOLD OUT?

A long time friend of mine in real life recently emailed me about not being able to find a Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Core Set with his usual online retailers and the sellers on Amazon were selling than more than MSRP!  

Basically, he wanted to know what was up with that? 

To my knowledge, FFG has not released any official information on re-prints, second runs, or any other synonymous term for making more Core Sets. 

They will, of course. Make more Core Sets, I mean. You have to have a Core Set to play as it gives you the necessary movement and range templates and your damage deck. Unless there's going to be a Wave 2 Core Set (unlikely as there's nothing indicating that on their main X-Wing products page), they're gonna have to make some more. 

This is purely conjecture on my part, but I'd assume there's going to be more Core Sets released when Wave 2 drops, which again, still doesn't have a firm date set, only sometime in early 2013 (probably between February and April). 

So why was there a shortage of the game component that is absolutely necessary to play? 

Again, I've never heard or read anything official on the topic, but my guess would be: 
1) The game was more popular than FFG thought it'd be
2) Players bought more Cores than FFG thought they would. 

Buying mutliple core sets was more economical for people who wanted to build both Rebel and Imperial squadrons and wanted more TIEs and X-Wings. I don't know if FFG finalized pricing late in the game on this, but it didn't take people long at all to figure out that a $40 Core Set with 2 TIEs, 1 X-Wing and a set of dice was cheaper than buying 3 Expansions and a set of dice. I myself own two, but I know people who bought three copies of the Core Set. 

So if you're looking to get into X-Wing before Wave 2, check around at your local FLGS and Target stores if you're in the States. Target doesn't carry the Expansions from what I understand, but they do have Core Sets. As of the time of this writing, Target.com has them in stock and they're still $40. 

As for whether or not you still should pick up 2 Core Sets with Wave 2 looming on the horizon, I don't know. If you plan on building forces consisting of X-Wings and TIEs even after/ alongside the Wave 2 stuff, then yeah- it's still a better deal, although you should still buy one Expansion so you have all the cards at your disposal- some are exclusive to the Expansions and you must have all of them if you play in a tournament (yes- you need a copy of each card as it appears in your lists). If you dream of only running the Falcon and A-Wings, Interceptors, and Slave I maybe not so much. It's only a good deal if you plan on using the minis, otherwise you'd be better off just buying what you want and an extra set of dice.